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About the Program

The Body Engineering Los Angeles GK-12 Program partners graduate students in engineering and science disciplines with K-12 teachers in an effort to improve the skills of the graduate students while advancing the education efforts relating to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education.

Our primary program goal is that graduate fellows improve their communication, teaching, teamwork, and public outreach skills through active collaboration with USC faculty and master teachers, each other, and through interaction with students in the schools. Fellows benefit teachers by acting as a STEM content resource in the classroom, and by contributing to other science and engineering-related activities such as science fairs, competitions, and science and engineering clubs in the school. Students benefit from fellows through an enriched learning experience, by more individualized attention in the classroom, and by the opportunity to directly interact with engineers and scientists serving as role models.


Major support comes from NSF Grant DGE 1045595 & USC's Viterbi School of Engineering